Assistance in obtaining EU funding

Entrepreneur Service Center (ESC) is a voivodship self-government organizational unit, established by the Sejmik of the Lodzkie Voivodship from March 1, 2008.

In the current period of financing 2014-2020, the ESC acts as an Intermediate Body – IB, which is responsible for the effective allocation of EU funds from the first axis „Research, development and commercialization of knowledge” and the second axis „Innovative and competitive economy” regional program for the Lodz region. The leitmotif is to provide beneficiaries with assistance in obtaining funding, and then to make the best use of EU funds earmarked for the development of a competitive and innovative economy in the region of Lodz.

Under the ESC, the entrepreneur has the opportunity to get help at five Information Points of European Funds located in Lodz, Brzeziny, Bełchatów, Łowicz and Sieradz.

Support is offered to micro, small and medium enterprises, individuals and local government organizations, large enterprises.

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