Sub-measure 3.3.3 is aimed at the promotion and internationalization of Polish export brands. It is a measure of financing perspective 2014 – 2020 most closely related to measure 6.1 Export Passport and sub-measure 6.5.2 Operational Program Innovative Economy 2007 – 2013.

The project is intended for the sector of micro, small, and medium enterprises.
Possible eligible costs under the project Go to Brand.PL are:
• costs related to renting, constructing, and running the exhibition stand at the trade fairs;
• costs of consulting services related to internationalization;
• costs of training related to internationalization;
• costs resulting from business trips of the employees of the company participating in the trade fair;
• costs of transport and insurance, both for employees and exhibits;
• costs of booking exhibition space;
• costs of advertising in trade fair media;
• costs of organization of exhibitions, shows, and tastings aimed at brand promotion;
• costs resulting from the participation in congresses and conferences;
• informational and promotional costs related to promotional activities.

The purpose of the support for the Go to Brand program is to internationalize Polish companies from the SME sector. The Ministry of Development has selected 12 sectors for which sector promotional programs will be implemented. Entrepreneurs who can apply for financing under measure 3.3.3 Go to Brand should conduct economic activity within the following sectors:

  • Biotechnology and pharmaceutics,
  • Construction and construction finishing,
  • Automotive and aeronautical parts,
  • IT/ICT,
  • Yachts and boats,
  • Cosmetics,
  • Machines and devices,
  • Furniture,
  • Polish fashion,
  • Polish food specialties,
  • Pro-health services,
  • Medical equipment.

Company eligibility within a given sector is based on Polish Classification of Business Activity codes entered into the company registration document.

 Application reception deadline
According to the schedule published by the Polish Agency for the Enterprise Development, the next period of reception of applications for sub-measure 3.3.3. Go to Brand.PL will begin on April 4th 2018 and end on May 8th 2018. The announcement of the contest will be made on 1 March 2018. Information on any possible changes will be posted on our website on an ongoing basis.
Sub-measure budget
Allotment designated for the contest of sub-measure 3.3.3. Go to Brand.PL is PLN 200 000 000, divided into Mazovian and other voivodships. In 2017 the budget was PLN 5 000 000 for the Mazovian Voivodship and 45 000 000 corresponding to the remaining voivodships. Maximum costs of the eligible costs in case of Hannover Messe Trade Fair was PLN 150 000 and in case of the EXPO in Astana, PLN 300 000. In 2017, depending on the form of financing and size of the enterprise, the maximum possible level of financing was, respectively, 50% in case of public aid and public aid and de minimis, and from 60% to 85% if the applicant only selects de minimis aid. Similar tendency should be expected in the next period of application reception in May 2018. Latest information on the size of the budget of the sub-measure and maximum level of financing shall be updated after the contest has been announced by the Polish Agency for the Enterprise Development.