Program Polish Champion is carried out for the City of Wrocław by the Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Polish Agency for Information and Foreign Investment and PwC.

Up to 7 May 2012 the declaration of joining the program was signed by the representatives of The Lodzkie Region and, among others, Lublin, Lesser Poland, Mazovian, and Pomeranian Voivodships.

The objective of the program is to:
  • Improve the quality of administration support for Polish companies,
  • Promote Polish companies on a system level,
  • Provide true support in the attraction of managers and specialists,
  • Support scientific and development works.
Companies participating in the program Polish Champion are at least multi-local in nature on the European scale and have a global strategy. Those enterprises have factories, research and development centers, and branches on 5 continents. They are present in both Dubai and the Silicon Valley. 13 companies participate in the program: AB, Clarena, GlobalLogic, Hasco-Lek, Hicron, Impel, Kruk, Neurosoft, Rawlplug, Selena, SMT Software, and Teleforceone, Toya.