• Polish Development Fund
Polish Development Fund is a group of financial and consulting institutions for entrepreneurs, self-governments, and private people, which invests in a balanced social and economic development of the country.

• Foreign Commercial Offices (FCO)
Foreign Commercial Offices (FCO) of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency are a network of enterprises whose purpose is to support export and investments of Polish enterprises on foreign markets as well as attract investors to Poland.
• Polish Investment and Trade Agency
Polish Investment and Trade Agency not only provides service to investors in Poland, but also supports the expansion of Polish corporations abroad.
• Polish Agency for Enterprise Development
Polish Agency for Enterprise Development is involved in the execution of national and international ventures financed from structural funds, state budget, and multi-year programs of the European Commission.
• National Center for Research and Development
Strategic programs of scientific research and development works are high-budget programs resulting from the national scientific and innovative policy, which foster social and economic development of Poland.
• Investor and Exporter Assistance Centers (IEAC)
Investor and Exporter Assistance Centers (IEAC) provide substantive support to exporters. IEAC includes 15 units which provide free-of-charge information services to the entrepreneurs in various forms.
Portal Your Europe
Portal Your Europe is an instrument of the European Commission intended primarily for the people who migrate within the borders of the European Union.
Product Contact Point
The purpose of the Product Contact Point is to provide information, on request of an economic entity or a competent organ from another member country, in the area of:

polish technical regulations regarding non-harmonized products, i.e. product which do not have separate regulation on the eu level, which apply to a particular kind of product legally introduced to the market of another member country,

requirement of obtaining an appropriate permit for the introduction a given product to the polish market,

contact data of product contact point created in other member countries,

contact data of competent authorities in poland, responsible for the supervision of the introduction of technical regulations,

polish provisions of the law regulating the review procedures in case of a dispute between competent authorities and an economic entity.