„Promotion of economy on the basis of product brands – Polish Economy Brand” sub-measure 3.3.2 intended for enterprises from the SME sector, executed by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

Based on the analysis of trends and potentials of selected markets, the Ministry of Development has elaborated a list of 12 priority sectors of the Polish economy, which stand the best chance of a global success. Polish Investment and Trade Agency is responsible for nine promotional programs which include: furniture, Polish fashion (including jewelry), yachts and recreational craft, cosmetics, medical equipment, biotechnology and pharmacy, construction and construction finishing, machines and devices, and automotive and aeronautical parts. National Center for Agricultural Support, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, and Polish Tourist Organization are responsible for the remaining three, namely: food, IT/ICT, and pro-health services, respectively.

Participation in promotional programs will make it possible for the entrepreneurs to enter new prospective non-EU markets which are often remote and expensive, and which, due to the existing risk and corporate costs, have not been selected by the entrepreneurs in their development strategies so far. On the majority of these markets, promotional activities of Polish entrepreneurs shall be complemented with informational and media activities which will reinforce the promotional message. Polish Investment and Trade Agency’s task for the following two years of overseeing the project will be to organize trade fair stands on 99 exhibition events in 23 countries (61 in 2018 and 38 in 2019), establish contacts with all nine sectors, and organize arrival missions for foreign entrepreneurs and journalists in Poland. The project also includes a particular designation of space for the presentation of Polish regions.

The project also entails launching nine websites dedicated to each sector, which will be available under trade.gov.pl domain. For more: https://www.trade.gov.pl/pl/aktualnosci/263135,startuja-branzowe-programy-promocji.html